Status Update 10/28

Hello passerby.  I feel I’m need of a status update to massage a little bit the upcoming news and content that will be getting uploaded soon.  First, as to what I’m doing, I’m currently working as a programmer for Space Rhino Games.  Very soon we will be launching BreachTD for mobile devices, and I’m excited for when that time comes.  On the side, I’ve been working on a few personal projects that I want to share.  Before anything, I’d like to preface the upcoming posts with some background info.  More specifically, about my love for the RTS genre.

Before I had a PC, I was obviously a console gamer, spending my free time beating my brother in Goldeneye, or collecting Jigsaw puzzles in Banjo-Kazooie, though my parents didn’t frequently buy me games.  Most of my gaming experiences came from glancing at a cool-sounding name or cover-art, and picking it up from the aisle of a Blockbuster.  Back when I was 12 years old,I had just started reading gaming mags, so most of my choices were still instinctual.  So, in the year 2000, my console of choice was the aging N64.  I was staying at my father’s apartment for the weekend.  I had the console all setup, a vanilla cake ready in the fridge, and a mysterious new rental, waiting to be popped in… it was StarCraft 64, my first RTS.  When I first started playing, it felt very different to all other games I had played, but I loved it.  The feeling of being in command of a small squad or army, of having to make strategic and tactical decisions, I was hooked.  It was a sad day when I had to return it.

It was several months later when my best friend introduced me to Age of Empires 2.  A game, that for my console mentality, was impossible.  Shortly after, I acquired a PC and the rest is history.  So, how does this relate to the upcoming posts?  Well… I decided to do a little pilgrimage through the history of the RTS genre.  To document my experience of playing chronologically through the games that helped both to defined and elevate the genre.

Besides that, I’m also going to be talking about a new mod that I’m planning to release later this week for Dota 2.  Its called Dota Fusions, and I will be detailing it shortly before release.

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