Cytron Masters 1980 – RTS Retrospectives

Cytron Masters

One of the earliest computer games that can be considered to have some real-time strategy elements. Created by Dani Bunten Berry.

The Forgotten Stepping Stone

Although more of a real-time tactics game, it was nevertheless an important bridge to cross, moving away from turn-based.  Players control a commander, and the goal is to destroy the enemy’s command center.   Player control the game by choosing which type of unit to create (mines, bunkers, commanders, missiles, or anti-missiles), ordering them to attack or move to specific locations.  Your actions are limited by how much energy you have, which is acquired by controlling generators in the battlefield.  The game is not turn-based like chess.  Commands are given real-time, limited by energy costs.  I haven’t found an effective way to play the game, so I won’t comment much more on this game.  Here is a video so you can see how it plays.

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